Entoura announces medical cannabis CBD Oil availability

MEDIA RELEASE: 30 July 2019

Melbourne-based Entoura is now accepting orders for its Medicinal Cannabis CBD OIL products.

Available in two strengths, CBD 10 (100mg/mL CBD) and CBD 20 (200mg/mL), the Entoura formulations are Whole Plant Extracts, providing a full spectrum of active ingredients: cannabinoids, that provide most of the health benefits, as well as terpenes and flavonoids, which help enhance those therapeutic effects, as well as providing individual health benefits.

Importantly, because Entoura CDB 10 and CBD 20 Oils have achieved a 98% or greater level of CBD (minimising potentially psychoactive THC components), the products have been granted Schedule 4 (S4) status, rather than S8 (Controlled Drug/Drug of Addiction) status, making them more accessible.

This is great news for Authorised Prescribers hoping to access CBD oil for approved patients struggling to manage their conditions with traditional pharmaceuticals.

About Entoura

Entoura was established by Professor Ian Brighthope, who over 40 years ago founded Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, a leader in the formulation and manufacture of therapeutic nutraceutical medicines. Entoura is committed to the development of high-quality innovative therapeutics that are supported by outstanding research programs, validated with clinical evidence and disseminated via exceptional education programs.

Entoura is active in the Medicinal Cannabis industry, supporting medicinal cannabis research, education, manufacturing and patient access

Contact Information

For further media information about Entoura and its products, or for help in access, please contact Entoura.

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