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Our goal is to provide people with unmet healthcare needs the opportunity to access products that may change their lives.


Entoura is committed to improving Veterans’ health and recognises the unique needs of Australia’s Veteran community and the desire for treatment options, which may include medicinal cannabis if there is some evidence that it has a therapeutic impact.

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    Veterans' FAQs and Articles

    Entoura answer some common Veterans' and DVA questions. 

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    DVA Funding Process and Information

    The path to securing DVA funding for medicinal cannabis can be onerous for both patients and doctors.

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    DVA Funding Application Tool

    A simple automated process for doctors, nurse practitioners and specialists allows the easy generation of a funding application for DVA patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is, YES the DVA does/has provide/d funding for medicinal cannabis.
The DVA will consider requests for funding for any conditions, however they do have certain conditions that have a ‘determination’ that will be easier to obtain funding.

These conditions are:


Other conditions such as mental health conditions including PTSD can be and have been funded (see Q4 or the below infographic for an outline of the process).
To obtain funding the condition must be chronic (> 3 months) and insufficiently responsive to conventional medications.

The DVA requires written support from the treating specialist (unless of course it is the specialist applying) that the medicinal cannabis would be of clinical benefit to the patient.


• The patient must be advised of potential contraindications
• The specialist must undertak a suicide & mental health assessment & determined that is no increased risk from medicinal cannabis on suicide ideation or mental health, AND
• The patient has no current substance use disorder and has a low risk for substance use disorder.

The DVA requires the TGA SAS B approval letter or the doctors Authorised Prescriber approval letter to be submitted.
To obtain funding the doctor or specialist is required to write a letter to the DVA.

Outlining the client's condition, first line treatments tried, the product being prescribed and prescribing justification. The letter needs to include the specialist support information (documents can be attachments).

This letter is sent to the DVA.
The process for the 2 categories of conditions. The first being the predetermined conditions and the second other conditions such as mental health conditions including PTSD.

For more information about the process of DVA funding, please see our infographic.

Veterans' Articles and Blogs

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Veterans Cannabis Funding Process Infographic
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