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Our goal is to provide people with unmet healthcare needs the opportunity to access products that may change their lives.

Access with Entoura

In addition to helping bring medicinal cannabis to patients in need, we provide guidance on the appropriate therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis, and will assist healthcare practitioners through the prescribing process, navigating all associated regulatory requirements. 

How to access medical cannabis Australia:

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Access Pathways

Medical cannabis is not currently available as a first line treatment. It can only be prescribed after conventional therapy has failed or is found to be not suitable (eg adverse effects) or ineffective.

Health Care Practitioners can provide appropriate patients with access to medicinal cannabis products as an unapproved medicine through:

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    Special Access Scheme B (SAS B)

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    Authorised Prescriber Scheme (AP)

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    Clinical Trial

Special Access Scheme (SAS)

The SAS provides access to unapproved products (medicinal cannabis) for individual patients on a case-by-case basis.

An online system was introduced to enable the lodgement of SAS applications and notifications. The system allows prescribers in certain States and Territories to submit an application to both the TGA and the relevant State/Territory Health Department simultaneously (for participating states).

Authorised Prescriber Scheme (AP)

The Authorised Prescriber Scheme provides a pathway for prescribers of a specified unapproved therapeutic good (medicinal cannabis) to specific patients (or classes of recipients) with a particular medical condition.

Medical practitioners seeking to become Authorised Prescribers need to have their application approved by a HREC or endorsed by a specialist college.

Clinical Trials

Patients may gain access to medicinal cannabis by participating in one of the medicinal cannabis trials running across Australia. The current trials are detailing the effectiveness of different medicinal cannabis formulations and presentations for different medical conditions.

View Entoura's Clinical Trials:

State & Territory Access Information

Further information about State based access to Medicinal Cannabis can be found below:

Regulatory Framework

The TGA states that medicinal cannabis is a controlled substance that is regulated to prevent diversion and illicit use. For this reason, demand and supply are linked in the regulatory process. 

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    A detailed regulatory framework has been put in place to enable applications for licences and permits for the cultivation, production and manufacture of medicinal cannabis products.

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    Cannabis grown for medicinal purposes, as well as the resulting product, is subject to stringent security and quality control measures. There are currently three types of licences relating to the supply of medicinal cannabis products available relating to cultivation, research and manufacturing.

Guidance Documents

The TGA has provided guidance documents on a range of conditions and has published a non-exhaustive list of conditions that have been approved for the use of medicinal cannabis.

Therapeutic Goods Administration

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    Access to Medicinal Cannabis Products

Office of Drug Control

  • australia (3)

    ODC - Medicinal Cannabis

Legislative Framework

  • australia (3)

    Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill 2016

  • australia (3)

    Therapeutic Goods Order No. 93 (The Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) – TGO 93

  • australia (3)

    Poisons Standard October 2020

Guidance for the Use of Medicinal Cannabis

  • australia (3)

    Medicinal Cannabis Guidance Documents

  • australia (3)

    Australia Overview

  • australia (3)

    The treatment of multiple sclerosis in Australia

  • australia (3)

    The treatment of palliative care patients in Australia

  • australia (3)

    The treatment of epilepsy in paediatric and young adult patients in Australia

  • australia (3)

    For the prevention or management of nausea and vomiting in Australia

  • australia (3)

    The treatment of chronic non-cancer pain in Australia

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