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Latest News

Schedule 3 Medicinal Cannabis - Recent changes to TGA Regulation

Information Video - 02/02/2021

Please view our short video above.

cbd oil thc sleep insomnia study

Clinical trial preliminary results of Entoura 10:15 medicinal cannabis oil shows promise for Insomnia Patients

Media Release - 13/10/2021

Entoura has achieved a significant milestone with the release of clinical trial results...

TGA Decision cbd oil legal

Entoura Embraces TGA Final Decision to Legalise Over-The-Counter Low Dose CBD

Media Release - 15/12/2020

Melbourne-based Entoura Pty Ltd believes the final decision today by the Therapeutic Goods...

Veterans Medical Cannabis

Entoura Launches DVA Funding Application Tool

Media Release - 05/11/2020

Melbourne-based Entoura Pty Ltd is proud to announce a proprietary digital solution...

CBD Chewable tablet

Entoura Releases EMC CBD15 Chew

Media Release - 05/10/2020

Available as a CBD isolate product (CBD 15mg/tab), the Entoura formulation is a chewable tablet...

Cannabis THC 26 Oil

Entoura Releases EMC THC 26 Oil

Media Release - 12/08/2020

Available as a THC dominant product (THC 26mg/mL) the Entoura formulation is a Whole Plant Extract...

Articles and blogs

medical cannabis research history cbd oil australia

Cannabis research through the ages

Since the first scientific reports on medical cannabis in the mid-19th-century, research of medicinal cannabis...

terpenes lavender medical cannabis cbd oil

We encounter terpenes every day, but what are they and how can they help us?

We all love aromas like rose and lavender, orange, cinnamon and rosemary. But do we know...

is it safe to drive while taking medical cannabis cbd oil australia

Is it safe to drive while taking medicinal cannabis?

One of the many queries patients have when initiating a medical cannabis treatment is, can I still...

baby boomer, healthy, cbd oil australia

Baby Boomers’ Attitudes Towards Medicinal Cannabis

As a species, humans can oftentimes be quite resistant to change. So for those over 65...

DVA funding medical cannabis cbd oil australia

Veterans' Mental Health and Medicinal Cannabis

The challenges that are faced by those who choose a career in the Australian Defence Forces, or national armed forces...

Industry News


3 cannabis players discuss how to view the sector through a biotech lens

For all three, their path to a viable business model is based on clinical backing for cannabis products.


Gut bacteria linked to endocannabinoid levels and depression

New research from a team of French scientists published in the journal Nature Communications has found...


Australian Medicinal Cannabis Company Entoura Embraces TGA Final Decision to Legalise Over-The-Counter Low Dose CBD

Melbourne-based Entoura Pty Ltd believes the final decision today by the Therapeutic...

The University of Sydney - Lambert Initiative

Cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis does not impair driving, landmark study shows

Research shows CBD safe for driving and THC effects fade in hours...


Weed Week: All eyes on the TGA after key decision pushed back to December

November 25 has been and gone, and the TGA ruling on pharmacy distribution for low-dose CBD is…


FreshLeaf Analytics MD Cassandra Hunt: ‘Innovation doesn’t have to be a drain on resources, but you must keep doing it’

FreshLeaf Analytics managing director Cassandra Hunt has told cannabis companies to follow five steps...


DVA Funding For Medical Cannabis (& CBD oil)

The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) will accept applications for funding of medical cannabis for any condition...


Entoura launches Department of Veterans’ Affairs online funding tool

Melbourne-based medical cannabis company Entoura has announced a proprietary digital solution for submitting...


A Big Win: Equal Driving Laws For Cannabis Patients In Victoria

Victoria will be the first state to change the driving laws to treat medical cannabis patients equally to other patients...


Cannabis, CBD Oil and Driving In Australia

You should not drive while impaired by cannabis or any other substance. CBD and THC have different...

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